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What We Support

Keep LO Great supports candidates for Lake Oswego Mayor and Council who share our values and work collaboratively and who foster mutual respect among themselves and with citizens  

Keep LO Great supports prioritized investment in our community including the rebuilding of critical public service buildings while maintaining a prudent debt ratio for the City and respecting family budgets.  Staffing and budgeting should be tightly controlled for long-term fiscal stability while providing an emergency reserve and attracting families and businesses to locate here and thrive.  

Keep LO Great supports protection and preservation of the unique historical, natural, public art, cultural and recreational resources of this community for all citizens and future generations to enjoy. 

Keep LO Great supports excellent schools and senior and youth enrichment opportunities.

Keep LO Great supports the Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, the arts council, the adult community center and the library.  Volunteer organizations and neighbors helping other neighbors are celebrated and fostered to help create a family-friendly community.. 

Keep LO Great supports necessary maintenance of infrastructure for sewer, water, local transportation, streets and parks.

Keep LO Great supports improved recreational opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep LO Great supports sustainable practices for the benefit of current and future generations.

Keep LO Great supports maintaining a positive attitude in our community (even if there is disagreement on particular issues).

We want to Keep Lake Oswego Great! 


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