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A political action committee formed by a group of Lake Oswego citizens to promote the projects and programs of the community that have led to Lake Oswego becoming an outstanding city.

Robert LeChevallier - Director
Buckley LeChevallier P.C. | Youre our most important partner.
5300 Meadows Road, Suite 200
 | Lake Oswego, OR  97035

503.620.8900 | 503.620.4878 fax
rlc@buckley-law.com | www.buckley-law.com

Chris Schetky - Director
Broker ~
220 A Avenue, Suite 200 | Lake Oswego, OR 97034

503.497.5247 |  971.230.7798 fax

Karen S. Jacobson, C.P.A., CFP - Treasurer
Ivey Jacobson & Company, LLC
Certified Public Accountants
5335 S.W. Meadows Road Suite 455
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

503.684.4585 | 503.684.4583 fax
karen@ijco-cpa.com  |  www.ijco-cpa.com




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